Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Fall is always a busy time for us.  There's school, homework, and after-school activities.  While I love being in a daily routine, sometimes I do miss the easy going days of summer.  This year Alex and Ava decided to join the running club at school.  I was really excited about this and signed up to be a parent volunteer.  It was really fun running with the kids during their practices and cheering them on in their meets.  Alex also signed up for chess club and is learning to play the game.  Ava is also participating in Girl Scouts (right now she's a Daisy scout) and can't wait to sell cookies.  Both kids are also taking piano lessons.  It does seem like a lot but the good thing is that these activities are all at the school, so it really isn't so bad.  Run club is also a really short season, only 6 weeks so when that finished, Ava started up with gymnastics again and Alex signed up for the school basketball team.  While some days are pretty crazy, it's nice to see the kids exploring their interests and developing their talents.

Race time!  Ava placed 7th out of 38 in her first race and then 6th out of 38 in her second race where she earned a ribbon.

This also happened...2 bottom teeth-gone!

Hanging out at the Lincoln Park Zoo on a day off.

American Girl outing-lunch at AG Place and then shopping!

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