Sunday, November 7, 2010


Ok, so it's been a month or 2 or 5. I've been seriously slacking, I know, as this post is from our summer trip to Canada. I hope never to get this far behind again. Anyway, every July the kids and I go up to Canada to visit my mom and step-dad. Alex and Ava love going and were especially excited to be spending 2 weeks there instead of one. Since we had more time, we got to go on more excurtions. We took a day trip to Vermont and visited the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, where the kids got to see how teddy bears are made and then they were able to pick out a bear and make one themselves. Next, we visited the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory and took a tour to see how the ice cream was made. At the conclusion of the tour we were all given a sample. Really yummy!

We also went to the Botanical Gardens in Montreal and I wasn't sure how Alex and Ava would like it but they really enjoyed themselves. They really liked walking through the gardens and loved watching all the huge fish swimming around in the ponds.

We also went to the Parc Safari again this year. It's a fun place that the kids really love. We decided to go to the swimming area first and Alex and Ava must have gone down the water slide a million times. We went to the safari part towards the end of the day and unfortunately, by that time, most of the animals weren't hungry anymore. Alex and Ava were only able to feed a few animals but they still had a great time.

Alex and Ava went swimming a lot during our visit-at a friends' home, the local park, and even in my mom's koi pond! They had a fun trip and want to go back for a longer time next year.