Monday, May 21, 2012


This year's Easter was pretty low key-some egg dying, Easter morning egg hunt, and baskets.  The kids went with Shane and his dad for Easter dinner and came back with a whole bunch of goodies.  The Easter Bunny does not disappoint!  I think it is now time to throw out the Halloween candy.
Ava's egg hunt at her school.
Dying Easter eggs.  The kids really enjoyed it and Alex wants to make this a family tradition.
Alex and Ava Easter morning with their baskets and goodies-books, chocolate,and gum.

Looking for Easter eggs.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Break

Usually for spring break the kids and I hang around Valpo and I plan day trips for us to go on.  Not this year!  At first we were planning on visiting my mom and step-dad in Canada and then my mom suggested that we go somewhere warm.  Like I was going to say no to that.  We decided on a Caribbean cruise but didn't tell Alex and Ava; we wanted it to be a surprise and they were definitely surprised.  The kids loved being on the ship and we had so much fun-swimming, magic show, movies, ice cream twice a day everyday (them, not me).  The ship also had a great kids program, so I got a bunch of free time to go to the spa for a facial and massage.  I don't think I can top this year's spring break.  The kids are hooked and are asking to go on another cruise!
On the ship

Snorkeling in Grand Turks

Puerto Rico
St. Thomas

St. Thomas

Swimming in the Caribbean