Sunday, January 3, 2010


Christmas came way too fast this year. Or maybe I just waited too long to do all of my holiday shopping. In any case, I felt like it just snuck up on me and that I didn't have enough time to do all the things I needed to do. Fortunately, everything got done on time and we headed up to Shane's dad's on Christmas Eve to spend the night there. Alex and Ava were sure to leave out cookies for Santa and were very excited for him to come, so falling asleep and staying asleep was a bit of a challenge that night.
The next morning the kids showed great will power by having breakfast first and then opening their presents. Alex got the Wii he had asked for (it was by far his favorite present, followed by the Uno cards.) Ava's favorite presents were the animal books, Little People tree house, and the talking/roaring dinosaur (she's really into dinosaurs).
We had a nice holiday spending time with family, opening presents and eating a yummy Christmas breakfast, made by me (why, yes, I can cook!).

Opening presents at granddaddy's house.

Alex's reaction when he got the Wii.

What luck! Santa came to our house as well! Alex loves his Star Wars stuff and Ava loves her Little People.

Even Sam got a few presents.