Saturday, November 23, 2013


Can you believe this little girl is 7?  I can't!
Ava turned 7 a couple of days after school started but that did not stop her from planning a fun day out.  First up though, was me bringing her Subway for lunch.  It is her absolute favorite place to eat and she always gets the same thing (ham on wheat with a little mayo).  After school, Ava and I got manicures.  It was Ava's first time and she was so excited.  Next, we met up with my mom, step-dad, and Alex at Chuck-E-Cheese's, where the kids played some games.  After, we went to dinner at CiCi's (Ava's choice, of course) and then it was back home for cake and opening presents.  Happy birthday, Ava!
Here are some fun things about Ava:
Her favorite color is blue.  If she could have breakfast food and snacks for all 3 meals, she probably would.  She loves to dress up but also loves to run around and play outside.  She loves animals-dogs, cats, rabbits, and of course, horses.  She is a great helper and great little sister.  She is pretty independent and will often figure out how to do things on her own (like riding a bike).  She is everybody's friend.  She will talk to and play with any kid and that's one of things I love most about her. 
Getting her nails done.

Winning a bunch of tickets.

Birthday cake.


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